EFCC Arrests Actor Mike Ezuruonye’s Impersonator

 The EFCC has nabbed a young man who has for a while been impersonating Nollywood actor Mike Ezuruonye. Mike reportedly petitioned the Nigerian police after several people called him out for allegedly defrauding them multiple times. This prompted an investigation leading to the arrest of one of the culprits today. The suspect’s name was given as Osigbovo an indigene of Benin, Edo State. Osigbovo is currently cooling his heels in the custody of EFCC after defrauding many of the actor’s female fans. Reports have it that he used Mike’s image and videos to superimposed his own voice in a bid to deceive these women.  The actor in a 2015 social media post, slammed impersonators tarnishing his image. He wrote; ”DISCLAIMER!!!!…So disturbed as I hear my teaming fans are defrauded on the daily by Fraudsters claiming to be me..Most disturbing is a Fraudster also going on Skype n using my Movie close Up pictures , speaking to people without audio or sometimes slow audio..When the person now asks “why is d audio slow or not there at all?”,the fraudster claims its a network issue..Recently have even heard of cases of BLACKMAIL from me to my supposed fans on SKYPE…That hurts me big time..Please here’s what!..If U get anyone claiming to be me or any other Entertainer on any video platform on SOCIAL MEDIA ,ask the so called CELEBRITY to send U a picture and Video with the NEWSPAPER of that said DAY showing the DATE .That an Idea that could curb this MENACE..I’m standing up for fellow ENTERTAINERS who’s Characters are currently being Assassinated by these FRAUDSTERS…GOD bless us all.”  Photo Credit: Getty

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