Male Nurse Delivers A Pregnant Woman In A Keke Napep

Edeaghe Jeremiah Oyakhilome Takes Delivery Of A Pregnant Woman In A Napep
A tweep had taken to the streets of Twitter to reveal how a Nigerian male nurse had singlehandedly salvaged a newborn baby and his mom from dying as he took delivery of him in a tricycle.
The nurse identified as Edeaghe Jeremiah Oyakhilome shared the story to the tweep who in turn served it to the Twitter community. According to the nurse, the napep driver parked and ran away, leaving the pregnant woman with concerned citizens shouting for help.

The pregnant woman had reportedly been referred to a general hospital from an undisclosed private hospital as the birthing conditions were beyond their capacity but she couldn’t make it to the hospital before the baby’s head protruded. The nurse who was in his diagnostic suite hard the people and after some minutes of dilemma went ahead to deliver the bundle of joy.
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Read how it all happened below:
The male nurse Edeaghe Jeremiah Oyakhilome carrying the newborn

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