Hair DIY: Easy Steps To Wash And Dry Your Hair Weaves

Hair weaves are a popular way of adding lustre and length to your natural hair. Mostly, the weave may be made of synthetic material or natural hair.

Wearing good and quality hair weaves gives a silky smooth hairstyle and provide you with a new, fun look. The weaves won’t stay silky smooth without a little maintenance. Either there is a leave-in or leave-out weave, its necessary to detangle, shampoo, and condition your weave, then leave it to dry completely. Hair weaves often require greater care than your regular hair. Check out some ways to wash your hair weave.
1. Take out your hair weave to brush thoroughly and make sure it’s as untangled as possible.
2. Add a mild shampoo.
3. Soak in water and add conditioner.
4. Rinse and squeeze well.
5. Microwave for 30seconds to get dry faster or hooded dryer.
Photo Credit: Getty


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