Saturday, October 1, 2022

Hair DIY: 5 Ways To Dye Your Hair Without Using Chemical

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Hair dyes are made up different chemicals that could sometimes damage the hair. You can dye your hair naturally without using them.

Hair colouring is an age-long hair fashion trend. It gives this freshness and new feel to the hair. Hair dyes are sometimes harmful to her hair in the long run. You can use these 5 natural ingredients as your hair dye.
1. Black Tea: If you desire a darker shade of your hair colour, then the black tea is for you. black tea helps to darken hair shade, most especially when it is extremely concentrated. To achieve this look, you need to soak about 2-3 tea bags in hot water and leave to cool. Apply to your hair and if possible, sit in the sun, for it to be totally absorbed by the roots to get an even transformation. However, if you desire a lighter shade, then you can go for the Chamomile tea.
2. Coffee: Coffee also works like the black tea. It helps to darken the hair, or give a deeper shade. It also helps to cover grey hair and light areas. All you need do is to brew a strong coffee let it cool, and then mix one cup with a few cups of leave-in conditioner and 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds.
3. Beet and carrot juice: A red tint would be the result of the mixture of these two juices. To get this, simply apply about a cup of the juice to your hair and leave on for about an hour. You can also mix in some coconut oil to condition hair at the same time. Rinse the juice out, an apply an apple cider vinegar spray.
4. Henna: Henna also helps to give the hair a natural orange tint. When using this ingredient, ensure care as the result may be a little more orange than expected. Apply leave in conditioner after application of this ingredient.
5. Lemon juice: This method of highlighting is very effective but can be very slow also. You can squeeze the juice and spray to the hair while brushing. Staying in the sun would also increase its effectiveness and a longer lasting result. You can also apply this method this the desire is achieved.Photo Credit: Getty

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