DSP Dolapo Badmos Under Fire For Not Self-Isolating

Lagos State command Police PRO DSP Dolapo Badmos has come under fire after she reportedly came back from the UK and is not self-isolating.
Reports has it that she was served a query by the Nigerian Police force for the act which if true, is endangering the lives of others. She was also accused by KFB of deleting the snaps she took while on the London trip from her Instagram account after being called out.A blogger further took to Instagram to call out her out, asking that she does what is necessary while shunning her for putting out motivational quotes after she was issued the query. “Nigerian police, thanks and I wish you had taken such steps during the role she played in the young girl who was abused even after Mirabel Centre had already tested the girl and she was truly abused:
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Well no time for blames now. It must start somewhere and this is a good starting point.: May God heal his land. @opetodolapo. This isn’t personal. It’s only for all of us including yourself. We must all come together in doing the needful to fight this common enemy which is the coronavirus. Thank you
“, @cutie_julls captioned.
Dolapo Badmos’ PA, however denied the stories about the London trip, saying she didn’t travel. According to KFB, the PA also denied knowing about her query via the phone interview, asking the media outfit to confirm from Abuja.
Find out from Abuja if she was issued a query, i am NOT aware about it, and i am not aware about any journey to London, i read that first in the papers“, KFB quoted the PA to have said.
DSP Dolapo Badmos Under Fire For Not Isolating
DSP Dolapo Badmos fired for not self-isolating after visiting UK
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