‘Drink Water!’ – Ronaldo Shuns ‘Coca-Cola’ At Press Conference

Portugal’s greatest player of all time and its all-time highest goalscorer Cristiano Ronaldo has been subjected to some serious criticisms after a video of him removing a couple of ‘Coca-Cola’ bottle drinks placed in front of him during Portugal’s Euro 2020 pre-match press conference on Monday, before holding up a bottle of water to the room and declaring people should drink water instead.

Recall in the popular movie made about the footballer where he declared his disdain for sugary beverages and how he stops his son from taking them. Ronaldo’s removal of the soda drink from his presence is sure to come at serious dismay of the tournament organizers “Coca-Cola”.
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As Ronaldo took his seat in front of reporters, he almost immediately looked perturbed. For dramatic effect, he rolled his eyes and said with borderline disgust, “Coca-Cola”.
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The brand is an official sponsor of the tournament, but clearly, Ronaldo is not a believer in the health downsides relative to water.

Cristiano RonaldoAfter a brief moment of apparent internal debate over whether to make his health statement about water, he went for it.

Watch the clip of what happened below;

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