Friday, September 30, 2022

Drake Shushes IG Model Up With $350,000 After She Accused Him Rape

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Canadian rapper, Drake who was accused of raping an IG model in 2017 has reportedly paid out $350,000 to the woman. This, according to was after she revealed the lurid details of the alleged incident which she filed in a public complaint against her New York attorney. The lady, Laquana Morris in the complaint she filed with the New York Attorney Grievance Committee against Alexander Cabereiras, describe what allegedly happened after she and Drake went back to his hotel room following the Manchester concert of his Boy Meets World tour in February 2017. She revealed that she was allegedly forced by Drake to perform oral on him. She added that: “It wasn’t your ordinary oral it was more so a fetish.” She went on to say he made her spit into a cup until he had measured it. In 2017, Morris filed a police report in the U, against him and hired her attorney in January 2018. She, however, refused to pursue a prosecution against Drake citing a lack of evidence. In September 2018, Drake filed a lawsuit against Morris claiming she had tried to extort him with phony pregnancy and rape claims. The two parties, however, reached a settlement in November 2018. Photo Credit: Getty

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