Dr Dre’s Wife, Nicole Young Challenges Prenup In $1Billion Divorce

Nicole Young wife of music mogul Dr Dre has come out to challenge the prenup she signed in her marriage with claims she did sign a prenup under pressure in 1996 before they tied the knot.

Dr Dre's Wife, Nicole Young Challenges Prenup In $1Billion DivorceThe 50-year-old lawyer said that the rapper tore it up years later as a sign of his deep love for her, she claimed in new documents. Nicole added that she is going to court because while she does not want the prenup enforced, Dr Dre does. If the court sees it her way, she may get half of his reported $800M fortune. Young said in the documents that she and Dre should split all assets, including any cash and real estate. That would leave her with around $400M.
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