Don’t Procreate, If You Can’t Be Available For Your Kids & Love Them Unconditionally — Denola Grey

Fashion consultant Denola Grey has come to appeal to people not to bother having kids if they can’t be involved in the lives of their children. The stylist shared this via his Twitter page.

denola greyAccording to stylist, children are an extension of their parents and not a decorative item you can use to boost or massage your ego. Denola shared that parents have to learn to be available and love their kids unconditionally especially if they weren’t raised like that as kids.  He shared that if people aren’t ready to love their kids unconditionally then they have no business bringing kids into the world.
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A few weeks back the fashion consultant revealed that he tested positive to the novel coronavirus.  He shared that he has been quite conscious and has been extremely careful but somehow still got the virus. He shared that someone probably brought it to his home when they came visiting. He encouraged people to wear a mask and shared that they never want to contract the virus.
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