Tuesday, May 24, 2022

“Don’t Get Into Trouble Trying To Live A Fake Life,” – Actress Jemima Osunde Warns

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Nollywood star Jemima Osunde has taken to social media to drop some wisdom nugget for her fans and followers about learning to live life within their means and on their own terms. The TV star took to her social media page to pen a lengthy note where she advised people to be careful and not try to impress others who are also living a fake life because it could get them into trouble.

jemima osundeShe explained that her life is very relatable and she tries not to live a life of pressure or put people who follow her under pressure. Jemima Osunde explained that she lives a life of content and would love people to do the same so they can grow as they go through life. Jemima Osunde shared that everyone’s journey in life is different as some people are in the middle of their journey while others are at the beginning of their journey.
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I think my life in general (at least the extent to which I portray it online) is very relatable. I don’t know that there’s anything on my page that can be used to quantify how much I make or have (unless you google it and allow them lie to you and me) and there’s nothing here to put you under pressure (except for hard work sha, no laziness on this side).

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I mostly keep it simple because that’s who I am but also cause I want everyone watching me to be at ease. No pressure to attain what you think I have or it looks like I have. Also to show you to be content with where you’re at as you growww! 

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Don’t get in trouble trying to live a life that’s presented to you online when in reality, it’s a public facade. It’s a processss! Don’t get carried away with someone else’s end result when you’re just at the starting line or mid way into your journey. It’s not fair to you honey.”

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