Don’t Do Promo Yansh – Ani Amatosero Warns After Losing Friend

Nollywood actress and journalist Ani Amatosero has appealed to people who may want to fix their bodies or go under the knife for beauty reasons not to go to places where sales are slashed.
Ani Amatosero said this in an Instagram post, revealing that she lost a friend in the previous week. Not stating specifically what led to her friend’s death, Ani insisted that people go to good surgeons if they need to get cosmetic surgery done.
“Lost a friend last week🤦🏾‍♀️If you have to do cosmetic surgery, pls don’t go to where they sell “PROMO YANSH”. It’s better you save money and go to a good surgeon if you must work on your body. If you talk now them go say you dey jealous. Stop doing promo yansh.”
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“Aside the risk (life), How can you spend money on block shape yansh/ square yansh. I know one or two wey do better yansh, I swear to do yansh go hungry you. If you must buy yansh, pls go to a good hospital. Ask questions, make enquiries before you go”, she wrote.
Ani Amatosero
Photos Credit: Instagram

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