Don’t Complain About Bad Governance After Selling Your Votes – Uduaghan Blows Hot

The former Governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Uduaghan has shared his two cents concerning the constant complains of bad governance in the country. While delivery a lecture at the University of Nsukka in Enugu state, Uduaghan said the last election was characterised majorly with vote buying. He encouraged political education as the major solution to any future incidence towing this line. He said: “The awareness of the people may have improved but awareness without commensurate political education can only go so far. The greatest empowerment the people need today is political education. Overall it does appear that the voters may not always understand what their best interests are and how to ensure that their best interests reflected in the election. “With a more informed electorate, the rising culture of solicitation and vote buying would not have been so prevalent as we find today during elections. “And so I am calling for an intensification of voter education. Unless there is voter education that makes people aware of the self-harm in bargaining and selling their votes, we won’t be making as much progress as I think and believe we should. He went on to comment on the role of the Independent National Commission on the last election, he said this when he shared that: “Is INEC truly independent and capable, not just in Abuja but across the various states, local government, and wards? “If I am being fair, I have to state that INEC standard has not always been kept across the states, local governments, and wards. In those places that came short, I call on INEC to closely reset its team on the ground. In INEC, one can also retrospectively recall the significant improvement in INEC over the years.”Photo Credit: Getty


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