Donald Trump Loses Another Election Lawsuit As Biden Closes In On White House

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Donald Trump has lost another lawsuit aimed at stopping votes being counted – as one election official warned counting will continue until November 12.

A Michigan judge said Thursday afternoon that she plans to deny a request by the Trump campaign to stop counting until more of his supporters can observe the process.

Trump has already lost the state of Michigan to rival Joe Biden, with Judge Cynthia Stevens adding that the president’s campaign had filed its lawsuit too late, with counts for the entire state almost complete.

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The president’s lawyers failed in their Michigan lawsuit hours after a separate legal case was dismissed by a judge in Georgia. That saw Team Trump try to contest the validity of 53 absentee ballots, which a judge later ruled had been properly submitted and could therefore form part of the final total.

Those lawsuits foundered as a Las Vegas election official said votes there would be counted until November 12. Joe Gloria, the registrar for Clark County – which includes Sin City – said his district will continue to process votes for another week.

Gloria added that Clark County – by far the most populous district in Nevada – hopes to have the majority of its votes counted by the weekend, and said he will provide another update on the total processed Friday morning. Biden is currently leading Trump in Nevada by 0.9%, according to analysis by The New York Times.

Neither Trump nor Biden have secured enough electoral college votes to win the presidency. Biden currently sits on 264 – just six off the required 270 – while Trump is on 214, according to Associated Press analysis.

Other tallies have not called Arizona for Biden, and put him on 253 votes. Whoever wins Nevada will get six electoral college votes, with a further 16 up for grabs in Georgia.

Counts are also ongoing in Pennsylvania, which has 20 votes up for grabs, with President Trump currently in the lead.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar told reporters there were 500,000 ballots left to count, and that there ‘definitely could’ be a definitive winner there by the end of Thursday.

Trump is also in poll position in North Carolina, which has 15 electoral college votes, as well as Alaska, which has three.

He has spent much of Thursday making unsubstantiated claims about ‘illegal and late votes’ being used to steal the election from him. Protesters have also taken to the streets across the US, with some of the president’s supporters turning up outside counting centers armed with rifles.Photo Credit: Getty

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