Donald Trump Donates Salary For COVID-19 Cure Development

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President Donald Trump has donated a hundred thousand dollar of his salary to the State Department of Health and Human Services in order to develop therapies for treating and preventing COVID-19.
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany made this known at a news briefing on Friday, noting that the President is donating his salary for the quarter.Donald Trump Donates Salary For COVID-19 Cure DevelopmentMcEnany reportedly held the check up to the sight of everyone present at the briefing, adding the Donald Trump usually donates his paycheck to various noble initiatives.
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Here is the check amounted to $100,000. That will go directly from President Trump and his paycheck that he does not take but rather donates it to various noble initiatives, including in honor of Covid this time“, McEnany said.
Donald Trump Donates Salary For COVID-19 Cure Development
President Trump
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