Donald Trump Announces Plan For Tougher US Entry For Migrants

US President Donald Trump says he is finalising a plan to force migrants to present themselves at a legal port of entry to get into the US.Donald Trump Announces Plan For Tougher US Entry For Migrants 1The president, speaking in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, told reporters: “We have no choice. We will defend our borders and we will defend our country.” He added: “No nation can allow itself to be overwhelmed by uncontrolled people rushing our border.” Mr Trump, whose core supporters back a tough line on immigration, also repeated his claim that a caravan of Central American migrants heading to the US-Mexico border is “like an invasion”. The president added that the “illegal aliens” should “turn back now”. He claimed the caravan of migrants is causing “a crisis on our southern border” and added: “This is a perilous situation (that will) become even more hazardous.”Donald TrumpPhoto Credit: Getty


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