Selfish People Destroyed Niger Delta’s Opportunity To Become A Model For Nigeria-Don Jazzy Speaks On The NDDC Probe

Don Jazzy Advises Young Entrepreneurs On Desires And Contentment
Music producer Don Jazzy has come out to share his thoughts on the ongoing saga of the NDDC probe. The music executive explained that a bunch of selfish people placed in charge of the development of the NDDC used their selfish interest to destroy the opportunity for that part of Nigeria to become a model for the country.

Don Jazzy Advises Young Entrepreneurs On Desires And ContentmentIn a lengthy Instagram post Don Jazzy called out the directors of the NDDC and said corruption is one thing that has eaten deep into our souls as a nation. He said the last 20 years have been a total waste and an opportunity for some people to become rich. Don Jazzy asked if Ken Saro-Wiwa who lost his life for the region’s cause would be proud of how things turned around, added that the NDDC with this huge financial recklessness over the years, is just one of many government agencies who has the same fate.

“THOUGHTS ON NDDC : I read through this to know the Senate’s resolution on the back of the #NDDCprobe in the National assembly and so many things come to mind. NDDC’s birth in 2000 during former president Obasanjo’s regime was supposed to right the wrongs made under OMPADEC in the 90s but here we are, still digging the hole we found ourselves after two decades.

Corruption has now become so endemic in our nation that we pilfer huge public funds with reckless abandon. We like to blame the elite and the govt for the sorry state of the country while so many of us are just waiting for our turns to be in public positions and become rogues. Let’s be clear here – 20 years of NDDC have had many key grassroots’ actors from the Niger Delta region who would supposedly understand the plight of the people.

A very great opportunity for this region to be a model for the entire nation was wasted by a few selfish people whose intention was to convert Nigerians’ patrimony to their personal wealth. We keep talking about unimplemented and abandoned projects by unidentifed contractors that were not rightly procured.

Are our consciences so untouched that we continue treading this disastrous path even with the rising poverty level and the dearth of infrastructure across the country? How would future generations of Nigerians feel when they read this history of unabated rot? Ken Saro-Wiwa of blessed memory, lost his life for this region’s cause. If the dead could see after their demise, would he be proud of how things have turned out? NDDC, with this huge financial recklessness over the years, is just one of many government agencies. I can’t even imagine how surprised we would be if many other government agencies are perused this way? This isn’t just sad but also very unfortunate. My people, we have a very long way to go.” Don Jazzy shared on Instagram.
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