Thursday, August 5, 2021

KOKO Reviews: Doctor Who Season 11 Is Out

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Doctor Who koko tv ng 1Doctor Who season 11 is finally out after the long wait. Our female Doctor is here!

Guess what long-awaited and most loved TV series is out? No, I’m not talking about Game of Thrones, calm down, Doctor Who is what’s making me go gaga. For the first time, after over 50 years of loyalty, we will be seeing the very first and groundbreaking female Doctor. While I have no watch it yet, I just know only good things can come from this new venture.

Doctor Who koko tv ng 2If you are a fan, by now you already know that Jodie Wittaker will be taking over from Peter Capaldi as the 13th doctor and for people hearing about it for the first time, I implore you to go watch it now. Stream it, watch it, download it, I don’t care. It is a movement you just have to get behind.

If you think people die a lot in your show (supernatural and GOT, I’m talking to you), how about a show where the main character dies ever so often and regenerates in a different body? That’s Doctor Who. A crazy timelord who travels the galaxy with several companions and save the world.

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The whole world has been waited on this premiere for 15 long months and I for one can’t wait to watch it. I can definitely promise to review it when I watch it.Doctor Who koko tv ng 3

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