Do Plastic Surgery, If You Can Afford It – Nengi Tells Ladies

ExMBGN and reality TV star Nengi Hampson gives her two kobos advise to women who are not comfortable with how they look telling them so far they can afford to effect surgical changes to it then they shouldn’t hold back nor hesitate to do plastic surgery. Nengi Hampson

In an interview with Punch, the beautiful reality show star who had to go through surgery to enhance her body said, “I think we are past the time when women were expected to be ashamed of what they did with their bodies. I believe that if you want anything and you can afford it, don’t hesitate to get it.”

On how she handles negative social media comments, Nengi states, “I simply ignore them, drink lots of water, keep minding my business and ‘hustling’ for my money. A lot of people are riding on my back to make it, so I focus on them and also on the other positives in my life which always outweigh the negatives. Then, I move on.”

When asked her about her relationship with Ozo, it defined much of your stay in the house, Nengi says,  “I wouldn’t say I feel a particular way about it. My fans talk about it a lot. I love them and I know it is expected, so I try to respond to as many as I can, and move on.

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