‘Do Not Hand Over Our Democracy To Thieves’- Obasanjo Urges Nigerians

The former president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, addressed the general public at the public book presentation of Goodluck Johnathan, My Transition Hour, on Tuesday, the 20th of November, in Abuja. He urged Nigerians to ensure that they don’t hand over the nation and it’s democracy to those who he termed as thieves and hooligans, he warned that if power is handed over to people who fall in this category they could use it against the people. According to him “There is still no substitute for democracy when all is said and done. It fosters peace. It builds and does not destroy. It unifies, rather than divides.“But all these can only happen if democracy is in the hands of democrats. If it is in the hands of thieves and hooligans, they can use it as a weapon. We should ensure hooligans don’t get it. He went on to congratulate former president Goodluck Johnathan concerning him enjoying a peaceful retirement, saying the post-office life which Johnathan now enjoys is one that must the craved by everyone describing it at a life of continuous service to humanity. Photo Credit: Getty

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