Do That DNA Test And Stop Raising Another Man’s Children – Bimbo Akisanya

Nollywood actress and single mother of one, Bimbo Akisanya joins the latest craze on DNA test, as she gives her thought about paternity test and men raising children that are not theirs. Bimbo Akisanya

Bimbo Akisanya wrote in her post said on this particular subject she stands with the men, saying women need to be considerate, and her sincere opinion is that men should go ahead and have DNA tests done on their children. So as to stop raising another man’s child before it becomes to late or too old to raise their own kids.
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Bimbo Akisanya via her Instagram page moments ago wrote;

“You better go & do that DNA test now & stop raising another man’s children before you are too old to raise your own kids. Let’s be sincere & considerate. This time around, I stand with our men
No one should labour in vain. N.B- I’m referring to responsible fathers here, not deadbeats.”

DNA paternity test is nearly 100% accurate at determining whether a man is another person’s biological father. DNA tests can use cheek swabs or blood tests. You must have the test done in a medical setting if you need results for legal reasons. Prenatal paternity tests can determine fatherhood during pregnancy.

Recall that the subject of DNA has been making headlines for a few days now following the death of one Tunde Thomas who suffered stroke and never recovered after he found that his two children were not his but belonged to his wife’s boss who is an FCMB manager, Adam Nuru.

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Adam Nuru, Moyo and Tunde

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