DNA In Marriage, Yay Or Nay? Tweeps Debate Testing Paternity

DNA In Marriage, Ya Or Nay? Tweeps Debate Testing Paternity
Following the story that broke on the social media space of how a man committed suicide after knowing the children he had groomed for 30 years were not his, and that of Nigerian singer Duncan Mighty’s revelation about his 4-year-old girl, tweeps have debated the need for DNA test in marriage.
A Nigerian woman Adepeju Agunbiade doesn’t see the need for the test and but stated she will consent and when the genes of the children match those of their father, he must spell out why he needed the test, and face whatever happens to their relationship after then.DNA Test Is A Must! Doctor Says 3 Out Of 10 Men Are Not The Real Fathers Of Their Children
“If I marry someone and he wants a DNA, no wahala, but after all is said and done and the kids are yours you’ll explain to me why you felt the need to and whatever happens to the relationship afterwards is all you”, she tweeted.
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While some agreed with her, some however, do not, as they think there is nothing wrong in getting the test done. The latter think that the test will even help to foster the man’s trust in his wife the more. See some reactions below:
Tweeps debate paternity test in a marriage
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