DJ Cuppy Shares How Cutting Her Hair Made Her Feel Insecure Around A Guy She Really Liked

dj cuppy
Billionaire heiress DJ Cuppy is sharing nuggets about self-acceptance and loving oneself through all season. The superstar Disc Jockey in an Instagram Live session with her friend Kiddwaya opened up on how cutting her hair made her feel insecure around a guy she really likes.

dj cuppyThe Oxford student cut her hair in the new year revealing that she wanted a fresh start and new beginnings. In the session, she explained that many men do not like women with short hair and it limits their chances of dating but for her, she is still the same person. Cuppy revealed that she got tired of wigs and just wanted to feel like herself. She noted that it was important for young Nigerians and young black people to look beyond the surface and find comfort in themselves.
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