Did Apostle Suleman Really ‘Resurrects’ A ‘Dead’ Boy?

Controversial founder of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has reportedly ‘resurrected’ a dead child.

Did Apostle Suleman Really 'Resurrects' A 'Dead' Boy? 1The incident happened inside his church auditorium. According to reports, the boy was reportedly brought to the service dead. However, some people said the boy was alive and wasn’t dead as a look at his stomach showed that he was breathing.

In the video, Suleiman was heard asking the mother to bring the child, which she did. He prayed for the baby and laid the lad on the floor and said he is alive. There was tumultuous joy in congregation for the miraculous act of God.Did Apostle Suleman Really 'Resurrects' A 'Dead' Boy? 2

Photo Credit: Getty


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