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Simple Ways To Start Your Day Great And End It Well

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Recently, I had so many things to do in a day – all requiring that I task my brain while I am dealing with some environmental and situations stuffs, and before I knew it, the whole day got me having headache, low energy and feeling down. Although I managed to do all In had to do and on time too it was not so much of a great day for me.
Whether you’re in school, working, or perhaps a little bit of both, the way you start your day can be crucial to how the rest of it turns out. It can affect your whole plans or if not, your mood and goodness as the case may be. So many people have a morning routine they stick to and some like me, just pull the day as it comes.Simple Ways To Start Your Day Great And End It Well
A read, however, about the mornings of some of the most successful people have some common threads and overtime, I have discovered some things that work well for me and working towards them. As it is important for you to put in your best strategies to maximize your mornings and effect the whole day, here are some things you may try out.
1. Wake up early: this may not work well for everyone as some people are night owls. Be that as it may, if you have a work to get up to or a class, then you should know waking early is something you need to master. Being up earlier avails you time to reflect, mediate and have some quiet time to yourself. Medically, it has been said that jumping out of bed when you wake may be detrimental to the body. Dr Robert D. Oexman, MBA, DC, a sleep and chiropractic expert and director of the Sleep to Live Institute once said jumping out of bed may be demanding too much from your back muscles, which are often stiff from a long night of resting in one place. When you wake earlier, you just have time to lay back a bit to give your body room to wake up too.
2. Avoid Your Phone: this!!!!! is one of the things I have come to discover that affects my day! I only wanted to check the time, then I saw a WhatsApp message. As I opened the app, I saw several other messages, then I leave them, stroll to status and stay on memes for God knows how long. Before I know it, I have spent more than 30 minutes, the day has finally broken, now I am reluctant to do my morning chores. Do you relate? If yes, you should have realised taking your phone as soon as you wake up can cause you to be dragging in the morning. Stop doing it!Read the Holy Book/Meditate/Pray: Shutting off distractions from your phone, lying on your back in bed awake, what better thing to do than to focus your mind on your relationship with God before getting so lost in the day’s activities? Many do not even have time during the day to remember God but a morning thing can help. Study a part of the Holy Book, then meditate on it. If not on the Holy Book, taking even just five minutes to focus and repeat your personal beliefs, objective or plan can help you make a difference in your world all day. From there, you proceed to say some few words of prayer (make Duas), even from your bed. Doing this before your day begins demonstrates dependence on God. You’re giving your goals, fears and dreams about the day to your Creator and Saviour, and letting him calm your worries and help you through all. Teens Vogue says a short prayer in the morning will also help you remember to turn to God in prayer throughout the day and can help calm any anxieties you may have that will get in the way of of the day.Simple Ways To Start Your Day Great And End It Well
Get moving: Do you exercise every morning? Time to get on it. Inconsistency had made me forget hoe much I wanted my belly to go in an little bit or much more, stay fit. House chores and other tasks that need to be done? Freshening up, cleaning up… the energy from meditation, praying and having some time to yourself will keep you going and ready for all.
Have a healthy breakfast: this is a very good idea for those that do. Sometimes we are fasting or not even in the mood to eat. But when not, ensure you have a great breakfast – it’s been said to be a great way top start a day.
Start positive and lively: Now who is home when you wake up in the morning? Are your parents getting ready for work? Are your siblings watching TV in the living room? Instead of getting all done with your chores, simply talk and make conversations with them. Use the morning to build relationships and make some lovely connections together. You may ask for what they will be doing in the day, tell them to have a great day and many other things that can just make a great start.Maintain happiness all through: for a great day, it takes conscious effort from your end and in your heart to stay alive and pumpy all day. So as you go about school, work, business or errands for the day, stay pumped. If your energy is draining, then you need to identify the drainer and get away if you could. If in all, stress or pressure are on you, then focus on retiring home and resting. The energy will push your further.
Take break(s) and make most of it: this is very necessary in the day – taking breaks and time off. Every school, work or even business has a break time – ensure you make the most of it, either taking a nap if you can, playing football or having good laugh with friends – just something that will give you the E for Energy!Simple Ways To Start Your Day Great And End It Well
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