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Diary Of A Naija Teen: 8 Fashion Staples Every Teenager Must Have

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Have you ever written down the list of clothes and colours of fabrics that you do not have in your wardrobe? Well well, I did as a teenager. I didn’t have the plenty fine clothes that will make you look like the big girl, you know, and at some point, I got so worked up and noted my needs in a book (not just the clothes) with the hope of making up to have them and ticking my boxes when I do.
It feels great remembering the list, I can picture the yellow pants, red top, jeans skirt and the many other things I felt were necessary. While I could only tick a few, I had to make the most of the ones I had. Whether you are in my category or not, there are some fashion staples that are necessary and you should have. Maybe you will have to create your list too, or not. Check them out below:
1. Jeans: denim experts think 3 jeans is great for the wardrobe. I had one jean trouser at the time and wasn’t so cool repeating it. So if you can have as much as you can, fine. BUT do not have so many of the same pattern and colour – all crazy or all plain, all black or all blue. A jean jacket is also one of the very fashionistic staples you can have.
2. Plain Tees/ Sweat Shrits: plain tees of various colour are very sweet to rock as they have most recently become a very cool fashion item. I feel so cool wearing sweatshirts and I think it is an important one to have, at least one. Colours black and white are must haves and you can have other colours based on your interest and gender.Diary Of A Naija Teen: 7 Fashion Staples Every Teenager Must Have
3. Blazer/Jacket: oh, yes! blazers and jackets have a way of making you the big boy and girl so much. I also had one gifted me by my cousin and every time I wore it, it felt like I was wearing confidence. In case you need to rock the classy look, blazers can help you even with your jeans and plain tees.
4. Shorts: for ladies, bump shorts are so cool and lovely. For males, an above the knee short (like BBNaija Ozo) can be very fashionistic and cool to rock. But you see, baggy cargo shorts have to go – those long, wide shorts that cover your whole knee make you look shorter.
5. Vibrant Glasses: oh yeah, glasses! Shades or clear glasses, just the one that fits your face perfectly.
6. Socks and Stockings: stockings are longer, and were typically worn up to the knees to cover portions of the leg that breeches didn’t cover. On the other foot, socks hit mid-calf or sit lower, and became popular as men’s long trousers became fashionable. They are must-haves.
7. Sneakers: yes please, sneakers…
8. Fine Undies: finally but not less importantly, you need to have some really good undies. If you are the big, fine nigga and babe on the outside and you are dirty and tattered underneath, there is nothing fine about you.
All in all, You need to be smart to dress smart. Learn to be creative and experiment with everything you already own. With the basics mentioned above, you will never run out of ideas to dress yourself, for any season and any occasion. You just need to be perfectly aware of what will complement your body type well. When in doubt, change? That’s right. You are the best judge of what you look like. It’s perfectly alright to take a risk with fashion trends once in a while, but if you seriously doubt the way you look in a particular outfit, either get an opinion from someone who can be honest with you or just change!Photos Credit: Instagram/Getty
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