New Year New Resolutions: Things You Should Not Do To Yourself

Still safe to say Happy New Year? Yes, I guess, especially as we’ve not had a contact on this segment this year. So. Dear Naija Teens, I officially welcome you to a new and amazing year. I chose to say it is amazing because yes, a lot of good and progressive things will happen for you and I this year, I believe.
It’s been long weeks of though not being here, enormous activities, strategies, changes and commitments. I can’t say how happy I am to be back here. Of this new year, 32 whole days (say 33 days plus today) have gone sharpish and I have not really been hearing the common clichés of New Year, New Me, New Year Resolutions and all. Maybe because 2020 was a year of so much testing and un-expectations, or have you? Or maybe you have been the one throwing the words around and meaning serious business for the year. Whichever way it is, people must sure have plans, expectations, goals, resolutions and many more for the next 334 or 333 days.
While it is good having goals and resolutions and expectations and plans, I hope that you will register in your mind that you should not put yourself under undue pressure. Want to gain admission? Want to get your first job after Secondary School? Want to learn a vocation? Hoping to have money of your own? Wanting to go to an audition? Setting out in your talents and inbuilt gifts and abilities? Whatever it is that you may want to do, ensure you put it at the back and top and centre of your mind that YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PUT YOURSELF UNDER PRESSURE!
A Twitter influencer back in January after the first week had thought to ask how people are faring in the new year and he tweeted, “First working week of the year, what have you achieved this year?”. This is one of the things that will make you want to pause and examine if you have done well, achieved anything, doing well or not. But there was a response which got many talking and that is the gospel I have brought to you today. The response reds, “Wo Dipo, ma ko giri giri ba eleda mi”, a sentence in Yoruba language meaning, “See Dipo, please don’t rush me (my creator or my head).”I have said it times without number and will still say it again that your teenage years are actually for self-discovery and formulation, taking life one step at a time, so don’t rush it! Even adults are advised to slow down many times and take things one day at a time, not to say teenagers. In your teenage, you are not expected to be a billionaire or a guru. Of course you can be, but there is no pressure and so much expectation that you have to be. So when your friends gain admission and you are still waiting on yours, do not be under pressure, yours will surely come. When the bullies in school or in your street are doing so much to get at you, do not put yourself under pressure, they are the bad ones not you, and you should get help from a trusted adult as soon as possible.
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Let me add that it is perfectly okay if at the beginning of the year, you do not have resolutions or plans – many people do not too but before the end of the year, they figure out something. Personally, I do not live by giving myself rigid plans about things I want to do. I only do a self-analysis of what I want, identify them and position myself for opportunities. When I see one, I shoot my shot! This is why I keep saying, you have to discover yourself in these teenage years – all the possible talents, passions, interest, abilities, strengths, weaknesses and all that you have – it makes it easier for you turning out to be those things you really want to be. As a matter of fact, self-discovery will help you in choosing your friends and a couple of many other things.
So as I leave you today with the hope of coming back next Tuesday, I leave you with this easy-peasy daily savings scheme I came across and have been working on. Saving 50 naira per day will give you 18,750, 100 naira per day will at the end of the year give you 36500, 200 per day will give you 73,000, 300 per day is 109,500 and many more like that. I chose the 100 naira per day and guess what, all through January, I couldn’t even start it – I couldn’t get a piggy bank box. But you see, there was no need for pressure, now I have the box and have started my savings – NOBODY died. I hope it motivates you too as I remind you again that DO NOT GIVE YOURSELF TO UNNECESSARY PRESSURE!!! See you, next week.
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