Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Despite Kendall Jenner Scorns, Khloe Kardashian Roots For Tristan At Basketball Game

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Following the drama associated with the birth of her child, True, and her baby daddy’s scandal, Reality TV star, Khloe Kardashian spent her Saturday night egging on Tristan Thompsom at a Cleveland game. Tristan whose team Cleveland Cavaliers played against the Houston Rockets yesterday, also played against the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday, November 23, to which Kendall Jenner booed the basketballer. Kendall who was there to cheer on 76ers player Ben Simmons, which she had a fling with over the summer, jokingly booed Thompson as she was not too impressed with his performance against “her team”. Back at Quicken Loans, Khloe posted videos on her Instagram story of a man doing some sort of acrobatics act on a pile of chairs during what was presumably halftime, to which she voiced that “You could not ever pay me to do this,”.  “You are the bravest person in the world.” She said. Ever the multi-tasker, Khloe also took to Twitter to also reply to a Twitter user who chastised her over sticking with Tristan. The user tweeted that “I’m confused by @khloekardashian’s tweets,”. “One minute she’s calling TT out, then she’s defending being in his life, then she’s laughing at her sisters heckling him. I just wanna know where we stand Koko so I know how to feel!” Khloe responded by reminding the person tweeting that what she was seeing on KUWTK did not, in fact, happen yesterday. She was quoted to have said that “What he did was f–ked up and disgusting. What you’re watching is over seven months old,”. “We have gone through countless hours of help. My sister was watching HER man Play against my man… So of course she’s going to heckle the opposing team. Why are you confused?”Photo Credit: Getty

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