There Is Nobody Like Desmond Elliot, His New Name Is Desmond Idiot – Seun Kuti

Afrobeat musician and social-activist, Seun Kuti drags actor turn Lagos State lawmaker Desmond Elliot brutally calls him an idiot, says he is a man that does not stand for anything. Seun Kuti and Desmond Elliot
Seun Kuti and Desmond Elliot

The actor cum lawmaker came under heavy bashing and backlash from the public after a video of him at the Lagos State House of Assembly during a plenary in the aftermath of the violent acts in Lagos where he called Nigerian youths ‘children’ and called for the regulation of the social media.

Seun Kuti slammed the Lagos Lawmaker during an interview with The Punch, after his bid to revive the “Movement of the People” was antagonised by the Nigerian government and was sent a strong warning that any movement of his at the moment would be proscribed and seen as a movement to targeted at hampering the move alter the current work in rebuilding Lagos State.  Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti said, “There is nobody like Desmond Elliot, his new name among the people of Nigeria is Desmond Idiot. That insult that he does not like, his real name is Desmond Idiot. His name is Hon. Desmond Idiot. Being a youth is not an ideology. A man like Desmond does not stand for anything. He is also a beneficiary of that patronage system that has been used to establish every other person in Nigeria. There is nothing special about where he is. He is not there by talent, know-how, or skill; he is there because those oppressors that we complain about picked him to represent them there. 
“Desmond himself has no will of his own. When he was speaking in the State House of Assembly, he was playing to the gallery, meaning he was acting as an actor thinking that our lives are a Nollywood film. After he acted, they said, ‘the film no sweet’. He had to do part two. He was a strong man in part one of the film; in part two, he was a crying baby. Desmond Elliot is a personification of what politicians in Nigeria are, dishonest actors. He is just acting his role as the governor did. How many lies did the governor say in one week about the Lekki shooting? Desmond Elliot is now a Nigerian politician of the typical ilk. He is not a revolutionary politician.”

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