Designers: Kim Kardashian Shares More Nude Snaps As She Launches Her Perfume

Designers! Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has for days been sharing nude snaps of herself to promote her new fragrance which she has called ‘Narcotic Elizir.’ The mom of three in a new series of nude snaps can be seen in one sitting clothless on a white floor as she hugged her body to cover some intimate parts of it.   The mom of three also shared a picture of the KKW Body fragrance bottle with a caption which read thus; ‘A narcotic elixir with notes of juicy peach nectar, jasmine, golden amber and more.’ In another nude snap on IG Kim wrote; ‘This fragrance has one of my favorite florals Jasmine in it with a rich Sandlewood and Amber! It has sweet and musky notes like peach and rose too!’ See more photos below;

 Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian

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