Depraved Mother Dressed In Lingerie To Have Sex With Her Four-year-old Son

A depraved evil mother dressed in lingerie as she filmed herself having sex with her four-year-old son before selling the sick clips online, cops allege. Police in Ukraine arrested the woman, 26, and raided her home in the city of Vinnytsia where they found video evidence on her computer that she had abused her own child for cash.The suspect, who has not been named to protect the identity of the vulnerable boy, sold the clips for £85 each, according to reports. According to cybercrime cops in Ukraine, the monster mum earned around £2,500 after she sold up to 30 videos on the dark net. The woman also took depraved pictures of her son naked which she also sold to paedophiles around the world. During the raid, she said: “A young woman got in touch with me via email and offered me a job. I had to search online for children who would be willing to take part in porn shooting for money. I was supposed to film the children at their home while their parents are away or invite them to my place. Also, I had to look for parents who would not mind to let their children be filmed in porn clips for money. Then she offered me to try it with my son saying that there is nothing to be afraid of and I agreed.”The woman, who police said had taken part in adult porn before the child abuse, has been taken into custody. A police spokesperson said: “Police gathered evidence against a 26-year-old resident of Vinnytsia who filmed sexual intercourse with her four-year-old son for a long time.” The suspect has been charged with rape, sexual corruption of minors, production and distribution of pornographic materials. She faces 10 years behind bars if found guilty. Her son has been taken into care and is receiving now before being transferred to an orphanage, police said.Photo Credit: Getty


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