Monday, December 6, 2021

Deontay Wilder’s Reaction To Eddie Hearn Offering 50/50 Split To Fight Anthony Joshua Will Surprise You

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WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is paying little attention to Eddie Hearn offering a 50/50 split to face Anthony Joshua and is not convinced they really want to fight.

Prior to Wilder’s first fight against Tyson Fury back in 2018, Hearn offered both men 60/40 splits to take on AJ, which they rejected, and he now admits ‘a lot has changed’ and he would be prepared to up their share of the purse.
Wilder rematches Fury in Las Vegas next month and Hearn says Joshua would accept a 50/50 split to fight the winner, but the American heavyweight is not convinced. Asked about Hearn’s 50/50 offer, Wilder tsaid: ‘My thing is, there’s going to be a lot of things said at this moment in time because they’re not at the table right now.

‘It’s easy to say they’re going to offer this and this, but after the fight we’ll see if they keep that same energy. We’ve been here before. Right now I’m focusing on Fury, my whole focus is on Fury, and then after this we’ll see if they’re still talking about it. Because when I have a fight already lined up, he’s very voice opinionated about certain things. But when I don’t have a fight, he’s a quiet mouse. So we’ll see if that quiet mouse stay quiet after this fight.’Probed on whether he would entertain an offer from Joshua’s camp, Wilder continued: ‘At this moment in time my whole focus is on Fury. ‘This is going to be a great promotion, February 22 is going to be a great fight. We’re not worried about the outside guys right now. They will have their time once this fight is over with and we just hope they keep that same energy. There really is no point in talking about it right now because we don’t know who is going to win this thing.’

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Wilder’s co-manager Shelly Finkel was also with the heavyweight during the interview and was asked why it is Hearn making the offer and not the WBC champion, to which he said cheekily: ‘After he knocks out Fury, we’ll offer maybe Joshua!’

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