Dear Fellow Gay Men, Let’s Make 2023 The Year You stop Trying To marry Straight Women – Gay Rights Activist, Bisi Alimi

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Gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has issued a quick PSA (Public Service Announcement) to members of the gay community on what not to do in 2023.


According to Alimi, 2023 should be the year gay men stop trying to marry straight women. He added that they can do better.

Bisi Alimi recently has came out to slam Nigerian men who pretend to be gay.

Taking to social media, Bisi Alimi stated that some Nigerian straight men are cheaper than a pack of biscuits. He further blasted a man who pretended to be gay just so he could get a laptop from his gay lover.

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Bisi who is also gay, pointed out that the man in question who was pretending to be gay went as far as sending nudes to his gay lover. Known for his outspoken nature, he has dropped a few words for all the men out there who fall into this category.

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He wrote, some Nigerian men are cheaper than a pack of biscuits. You spent months playing lover boy with a gay guy just cos you wanted to get a lap top off him. And if a girl does the same, y’all will be making one million and one post on social media cursing women. This guy man was even sending nudes, sending nudes just cos he wants computer for sex.

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