Sunday, December 10, 2023

Deadly Earthquakes Follow Volcanic Eruptions In Hawaii

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Multiple massive earthquakes have shaken Hawaii’s biggest island, barely 24 hours after the eruption of the Kilauea volcano.
A massive 6.9 magnitude earthquake, south-east of the Kilauea, was by far the most powerful quake to hit the island since 1975. The quake stirred panic in the community, after thousand of people misinterpreted it as a Tsunami.
According to BBC, several eruptions in the water locked region splashed fountains of lava into the air, destroying several homes and leaving fissures on three streets. The local security agencies have urged the remaining residents to evacuate immediately.
The Civil Defense Agency confirmed that there were deadly levels of dangerous sulphur dioxide gas in the air and emergency crews would not be able to help anyone affected.
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