Facebook Data Scandal: British Parliament Demands Mark Zuckerberg’s Testimony

Members of the British Parliament fired another dart at the embattled Facebook boss today as they demanded an interview with Mark Zuckerberg over the trending data privacy saga. The lawmakers also rejected Mark’s appeal to send one of his deputies to represent him mat the interview.
The chairman of the digital committee of the British House of Commons, Damian Collins, stated that the current state of the scandal meant it was “appropriate” for Zuckerberg to offer a personal explanation to the parliament, either in person or through a video call.
Collins said: “We will seek to clarify with Facebook whether he (Mark Zuckerberg) is available to give evidence or not, because that wasn’t clear from our correspondence, and if he is available to give evidence then we would be happy to do that either in person or via video link if that would be more convenient for him.”
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