Dairy Of A Naija Teen: Practical Ways To Build Your Confidence

As a teenager, one of the constant things you need is courage and being brave. It is one of the factors that will shape your life and help you live to the fullest. But fortunately and unfortunately – I’ll explain – so many things come with teenage that challenge you and make you feel down and less of yourself may times. I said unfortunately because it can be so disturbing and heavy on the chest that if continuous for a long period, may lead to depression, addiction, giving in to peer pressure, low self-esteem and grave mistakes in life.
Fortunately, hardness is in every stage of life and overcoming one stage helps you to be stronger and somewhat prepared for the next. The only thing this takes is to build the strength and courage to scale through and come out of it. So whether you are constantly bullied, not having the good things of life, feeling worthless amongst peers or saddened by parental issues, all you need is build your courage and strength. For this, here are some practical steps that you can take on to build your courage and scale through. It is not going to be easy but trust me, it works, even in adulthood.Dairy Of A Naija Teen: Practical Ways To Build Your Confidence
1. Decide what values you want to live by: your teenage years are a season of life where fitting in is so important and it usually clashes with establishing your own values for yourself. You will so much be faced with the challenge of following the crowd or standing out as different, believing something different than the crowd and this, this particular one takes a whole lot of courage. To build your courage and braveness, you need to figure out the values you want to live by and take them on.
2. Speak of your braveness as though you are already there: as teens, you either step up to expectations or down to them. In this journey of building your self-courage and esteem, you need to say it to existence – speak to the courage that is coming to life inside you as though you are already there. Looking yourself in the mirror and speaking words of adoration and motivation to yourself such as, “I know how brave you are”, “I love that you make hard decisions sometimes, even when it would be easier to do the other thing”, “You might not feel brave, but I know what it means to you to be doing this. Trust me – you are one of the bravest people I know” will go a long way. Having a parent or friend say it to you repeatedly will be so nice but if no one sees, does or understands it, you have to do it for yourself.
3. Give permission for imperfection: failure and rejection are often a sign that you’ve done something brave and they are part of the process. Every experience gives new information and new wisdom that wouldn’t have been there before. That is why only the brave ones get there in the end – they have the knowledge, wisdom, and experience that can often only be found when you land badly – sometimes more than once. So when you are on your way to braveness, give yourself space for imperfection – it’s a part of your growth process. Don’t beat yourself up too much.
4. It’s okay to hang on while getting comfortable: while you are working on a plan, fanning the brave spark inside of you, there will be a time to let go. When this time comes, it won’t always feel like readiness or certainty. That’s what makes it brave. And a little bit magical. So it is just okay to hang on when it feels like you can’t go on – take a break, reevaluate and redecide.
5. Try something new: yes yes yes, try out activities that push you to the edges of your physical or emotional selves – drama, sports, swimming classes, music – great things that will give you fun and help you improve at the same time. Anything that will help to nurture the truth to life that you are strong, powerful, you can cope, and you are not as fragile as you may feel sometimes, do it! It will only improve your confidence and courage.
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6. It’s never too late to change direction, change friends, or change your mind: It’s so easy for your courage to turn cold when a decision, situation or choice feels so final and don’t have power over it. I said earlier that all experiences bring new wisdom, so if that new wisdom means the decision stops feeling right, so be it! You, your happiness and liveliness comes first before anything – and  you have the right to your life – just live it WELL.Photos Credit: Getty
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