Friday, January 21, 2022

Weddings: 5 Classy And Creative Invitation Card Design Inspirations

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wedding invitations 7Wedding invitations are the first items in the steps towards meeting the intending couple. There are different design inspirations that have been created all around the world.

Most times, the wedding invitations is a pointer to whether the guests would attend the wedding or not. Most guests get thrilled and carried away by the design and package of the wedding invitations before they notice any other thing about the wedding. Wedding invitations should therefore not be done in a haste as this is a great determinant of how is going to finally decide to attend the wedding. Based on popularity, these are the top 5 creative design inspirations that are widely chosen invitations 6
1. Laser cut invitations: Though they may be a little expensive, but theses creative cards are worth every penny spent. They portray calls and uniqueness, and sometimes, no matter the distance, your guests would want to know how it would be to grace such an invitations 5
2. Bow and Ribbons: This is most widely used invitation card, especially in Nigeria. They are very affordable and also stylish. You can draw the attention of your guests with these lovely invitations 4
3. Embossed Invitations: These invitation cards come with the words embossed on the cards. It is more like an imprint on the cards. Some of them also come scented, and you cant help but take another invitations 3
4. Crystal and diamonds: If you can afford it, then you should go for this high-class invitation card. they are very attractive and eye-popping. Everyone of your guest would love to have a copy all to invitations 2
5. Customised Invitation cards: You can go the extra mile by making your event unique starting with the customised invitation cards. They are also attractive although the cost might be on the high side. You can customise your cards with your pictures or do something out of the norm. Think outside the box when creating a design for your wedding invitation cards.
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