KOKO’s Top 7 Creative Female Skit Makers To Watch Out For In 2022

Every day youngsters keep rising to become skit makers as this has turned into the new cool in today’s society.skit makers

There is always this uniqueness about women that makes them stand out wherever they go, and female skit makers are definitely the embodiment of this fact. In the world of comedy, a new division has been developed which is the act of skit making. This has created a new means through which young people can show forth their creativity and talent like never before. So here are the top 7 creative female skit makers to watch out for in 2022;
7. Mandy Kiss (President of Olosho)
Mandy kiss is a Nigerian social Media Influencer, skit maker, and Model. She makes videos and posts on the gram which has garnered her numerous fans. Her real name is Mandy Ayomiposi Oluwada and was born on the 16 of March 2000, in Orgun State(Nigeria). She is not married and she belongs to a Muslim community. She started and completed her Primary and secondary education in Ogun State. Before this, she studied Marketing and Finance at the Federal Polytechnic of Ede. Mandy is a Skit maker who has worked with numerous top skit makers like Cute Abiola.6. Miss Ezeani
Born in the Eastern part of Nigeria, Ezeani Chinaza professionally addressed as Miss Ezeani, is a Nigerian comedian, actress, and content creator who became social media sensation through a viral video she posted online. Miss Ezeani is from the Eastern part of Nigeria, she was born in 1998 on the 11th of August. The curvy Nigerian comedian, Miss Ezeani started off in school using social media as the podium for reaching out to the audience. Her videos escalated through the power of social media shares and engagement. During the school strike, she paused but came back stronger after her videos such as the one about African Mom went viral.READ ALSO: BBNaija Ka3na Joins Presidential Race
5. Alice Marve
When talking about skit makers who are here to change the skit world and take it to a new dimension, Alice Marve definitely tops that list as her creativity makes her stand out.4. Anozie Chiamaka Beryl
Anozie Chiamaka Beryl, popularly called Beryl Ama, is a Nigerian socialite, skit maker, brand promoter, and businesswoman. She came into the limelight after posting comedic video clips on TikTok which won her the hearts of many on the social app. She also promotes small businesses and brands with her social media pages and runs a hair sales page on Instagram. Anozie ‘Beryl Ama’ Chiamaka was born and raised by South-Eastern parents in Nigeria. She speaks the Igbo language fluently and is very attached to her siblings. It wasn’t long before Chiamaka Beryl a.k.a Beryl Ama became a popular figure on social media. Prior to her certification as a TikTok content creator, Anozie ‘Beryl Ama’ Chiamaka was known for her video clips which always had a funny touch to them. Even to date, the Nigerian socialite is still regarded as one of the funniest personalities on TikTok. READ ALSO: Mr Macaroni Clears The Air On Wedding Photos With Mummy Wa
3. Soso
Sophia Chisom Ikemba popularly known as RealSophy or simply Real Sophy Sometimes Shades OF Sophia is a Nigerian-born comedian, content creator, model, influencer, professional chef, and businesswoman. RealSophy is of Igbo origin. Chisom Sophia Ikemba hails from Anambra State, Nigeria. She is also very active on TikTok with over 700, 000 active followers and over 280, 000 Instagram followers. RealSophy is already on the rise and one for the future. She was born on the 12th of May in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Sophia had her tertiary education at the University of Port Harcourt, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Political and Public Administrative Studies. In her educational background in political and public administration, she switched to following her passion for cooking, to become a recognized professional chef. There are a lot of beautiful and curvaceous ladies on social media including notable personalities and professionals, in which day in and day out some post their pictures, events attended, and projects to engage their fans, but Real Sophy has, however, won the admiration of her followers with her natural look. Sophy becomes famous after her no-makeup photos went viral on Instagram. Her beautiful curvy shape, creative ways of posing for pictures, and her influence to encourage young ladies to enter into entrepreneurship cannot be ignored. 2. Perpetua Chris
Perpetua Chris stole the hearts of Nigerians when she showed that skit making can take any form you give it. She is known for her hilarious skits which show how people act while in primary and secondary school. Her niche is clear and focused and the fair belle always delivers.skit1. Princess (sheisprincess)
This young melanin queen is definitely a pacesetter as she is one of the fast-rising Nigerian female skit makers making waves on social media. Princess stands out because of the unique direction and manner of delivery when it comes to her comedies.Trending video of the day;

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