Is This a Coincidence Or A Long Hatched Conspiracy- Shehu Sani Reacts To COVID19 Vaccine Discovery

shehu sani
In reaction to the recent discovery of vaccines to the novel COVID19 disease by some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, Senator Shehu Sani has taken to his Twitter handle to pose a question about the timing of the discoveries.

Shehu sani Talks about COVID-19

After the outbreak of the COVID19 disease, many pharmaceutical companies embarked on researches in a bid ti find vaccines to battle the disease and bring its spread to a halt. in recent times, several pharmaceutical companies have their successful discoveries of vaccines to help in the fight against COVID19.

These announcement has caused Senator Shehu Sani to react and express his wonder at the fact that the discoveries were made at about the same time by the different pharmaceutical companies, causing him to ask ‘Is this a coincidence or a long hatched conspiracy’

shehu sani

See his post below;

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