COVID-19: Cristiano Ronaldo And His Agent Jorge Mendes Donates €1m To Help People

Cristiano Ronaldo and his agent Jorge Mendes havre donated a sum of one Million pounds to fight the coronavirus pandemic.
Cristiano Ronaldo And His Agent Jorge Mendes Have Donated €1m
Cristiano Ronaldo And His Agent Jorge Mendes Have Donated €1m

The footballer donated the money to Intensive Care Units at Lisbon’s Santa Maria Hospital in Lisbon, and the Santo Antonio hospital in Porto, Portugal, days after donating 1,000 masks and 200,000 protective gowns to hospitals fighting the pandemic.

“We were contacted by Jorge Mendes, who volunteered with the portugese to fund two intensive care units for critically ill patients with Covid-19,” Santa Maria President Daniel Ferro said late Tuesday.

“There are fans, monitors, infusion pumps, beds, all the equipment that makes up an intensive care unit equipped to provide assistance to a patient infected with Covid-19.” He ended.

“This unit will allow the opening of 15 intensive care beds, fully equipped with fans, monitors and other equipment,”   President of the board of Centro Hospitalar Universitario do Porto, Paulo Barbosa also announced late Tuesday.

“The Centro Hospitalar Universitario do Porto thanks the player and Jorge Mendes for this very useful initiative, at a time when the country needs everyone so much.” Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the richest sportsmen on the planet and has been isolating with his family in a state of the art island in his hometown.

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