Friday, October 7, 2022

Couples Need To Learn How To Fight Just As Good As They Fuck – Eva Alordiah

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Rapper Eva Alordiah has disclosed why couples need to learn how to fight in their relationship saying fighting is part of the equation for a great relationship just like fvcking.

Eva Alordiah
According to Eva Alordiah, she believes couples need to learn how to fight just as well as they fvck because fighting each other once in a while is also part of the equation for a great relationship as most people wish for.

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Eva Alordiah added that couples need to have the hard conversations and lay their cards on the table that will lead them to fight respectfully always remembering that you are on the same team after fighting each other.

Eva Alordiah then advised couples to fight with love and try not to go to bed with the fight still on and when the slaps start flying because of the conversations or during the heated moment of the fight, you just have to run.

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Most people think fighting in a relationship keeps it stronger but that isn’t the case in all relationships as there are some relationships that the couples try their best not to fight and the relationship grows stronger each day.Eva Alordiah

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