Couple Sells Their Baby To Buy iPhone 14 In India


Low monthly income can be a challenge to sustain an individual let alone a whole family, but the height of desperation is selling a blood related family member for an iPhone.

This rather unbelievable incident happened in West Bengal where a couple sold their baby just to purchase an iPhone 14 to create and upload Instagram reels while they travel across Bengal.

This heart-wrenching incident occurred in West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district.

The West Bengal Police managed to apprehend the mother, identified as ‘Sathi,’ who was responsible for buying?? or selling?? the baby.

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However, the father, Jaydev Ghosh, is still at large, and the authorities are actively searching for him.

The incident came to light when concerned neighbours noticed some peculiar changes in the Ghosh family’s behaviour.

The eight-month-old baby had been missing for days, yet the parents displayed no signs of worry or anxiety.

Additionally, their sudden acquisition of an iPhone 14, which costs no less than a lakh, raised suspicion among the neighbours, given that the family was known to have financial difficulties in the past.

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Upon confronting the mother, she eventually confessed under pressure that she and her husband had indeed sold their baby to acquire money for purchasing the iPhone, enabling them to create Instagram reels showcasing their travels across various parts of Bengal.

Even more shocking, it was revealed that before attempting to sell their baby, the father had also tried to sell his seven-year-old daughter. The police have filed a case against the couple, and the mother who bought the baby is also facing criminal charges for human trafficking.

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