Countries With The Highest Number Of Nigerians

Nigerians are known for their uniqueness and ability to stand out wherever they go hence, it is no surprise that 7 out of 10 countries has a certain percentage of Nigerians residing there.


The poor economic state of the country is one major fact that has pushed a lot of Nigerians to look beyond the shores of the country in order to get a better life. From education to standard of living, Nigerians have various reasons for emigrating. So here are countries with the highest umber of Nigerians;
The United Kingdom
The UK has become home to Nigerians irrespective of the fact that over the years their cost and standard of living has increased, they still have a large number of Nigerians residing there for educational purposes and more.
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The United States Of America
America is one country that a lot of people want to go and over time this dream has materialized in various ways via numerous opportunities. The U.S is seen as home to Nigerians due to the friendly immigration laws given to Nigerians over the years.countries
Canada is one of the best and safest countries you could study and live in. This is a top destination for many Nigerians, as the process of getting in is relatively easier than other countries.
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This African country houses a lot of Nigerians as it can be said to have a more stable economy than Nigeria.
Yes, Malaysia is one country that a lot Nigerians run to for a better life. From schooling to job opportunities, this country offers a lot of possibilities. nigerians

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