Coronavirus: Uganda Suspends Public Transportation

The government of Uganda has suspended all forms of public transportation to prevent the spread of the deadly virus after the country confirmed it 14th case.

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda made the announcement yesterday following the outbreak of the deadly virus in the country. The president mentioned this during his live broadcast and stated that the ban will last for 14 days till they are in the clear.

“The government has decided to suspend, for 14 days, all public transport. This means all taxis, all minibuses, all buses, all passenger trains, all tuk tuks and all the boda bodas are suspended. Why? Because we want to minimize movement,” Museveni said.

Only private vehicles will be allowed on road but they will also be restricted to carrying three people. The Ugandan president also ordered that all markets trading in non-food items like electronics and clothing should be closed.

“The selling of clothes, necklaces, mobile phones, sandals, shoes, all those nonfood items…hold on, you will come back. To create space, stay at home, let only the food people stay in the market. We think this will reduce numbers and then they can be able to maintain what they call the social distance.”

“Each ministry should work out a plan of the essential staff that need to remain on duty. Take for example, the Revenue Authority must remain on duty because our goods are still coming from outside Uganda and coming into Uganda; someone needs to clear those goods, needs to collect those taxes so as to remain on duty.”
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