Coronavirus: Do Not Lose Hope – Pope Admonishes People

Pope Francis has advised all and sundry not to lose hope but to continue to trust in God as he has the solution and to continue to live as believers, a life of faith and perseverance.

CoronavirusSpeaking during Mass on Monday, the Pope said “The Lord does not disappoint. He takes his time, but he does not disappoint.”
“We pray today for the people who, because of the pandemic, are starting to have economic problems because they cannot work and all this falls on the family. Let’s pray for the people who have this problem.
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“Let’s pray like this, with faith that our Lord can intervene, with perseverance and with courage. The Lord does not disappoint, He does not disappoint. He makes us wait. He takes his time, but he does not disappoint. Faith, perseverance and courage.”

Everyday, the  Vatican broadcasts Mass handled by the Pope from his Santa Marta residence in Italy.
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