Coronavirus Pandemic Claims 394 Lives Within 24-hours In Spain

Spain plans to extend its State of emergency order for another extra 15 days, this was announced by the country’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez as the country’s casualties of the deadly Coronavirus COVID-19 increases drastically. Coronavirus

Sanchez, who gave a state address in a televised briefing on Sunday, after meeting with the state’s health and security officials, where he said he was expecting the Parliament to approve his request to increase the lengthen of the order, which had been in place for over a week.

The Spanish health ministry reported on Sunday that a total of 394 people died within the last 24 hours from Sunday of the deadly Coronavirus, raising the total number of confirmed fatalities to 1720.

Meanwhile, in the UK the government has advised its most vulnerable citizens of over 1.5million to please stay at home for the next 12 weeks in a bid to help shield them from the dangerous Coronavirus.
The Communities Minister, Robert Jenrick, has said the UK government have writing to those identified as part of the vulnerable population in a bid to offer them assistance so that that they maintain social distancing during the outbreak.

“This includes providing food, so they don’t have to leave the house,” he noted.

The announcement was made at Sunday’s daily press briefing at Downing Street, alongside Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Johnson said the measures were foreshadowed in the government’s response plan. Photo Credit: Getty

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