Coronavirus Is Not A Scam – Federal Government Warns Nigerians

The federal Government of Nigeria has come out to warn Nigerians to take the Coronavirus seriously and stop treating as a joke or a scam. The secretary to the federal government and the chairman of the presidential task force on COVID-19 Mr Boss Mustapha made the passionate appeal to Nigerians and said that the virus is not an opportunity for the government to milk people.
Coronavirus Is Not A Scam- Federal Government Warns Nigerians
Coronavirus Is Not A Scam- Federal Government Warns Nigerians
“The coronavirus is not a joke. Please take it seriously and listen to the government. Protect your loved ones, nothing is more important.  Listening to this, I think we’ve gone past the stage, however ignorant a person is, wherever you live in Nigeria, for you to begin to assume that this is a scam, a hoax or a joke and I think those of you in the media have the responsibility for driving this point”.

“This is not a joking matter, we’ve gotten to the stage where we are beginning to see some of the things that are happening in other climes.  So, we ought to take it with every element of seriousness and for those that think it’s a hoax or a scam, I wish them well, but for those of us who believe that we ought to do everything humanly possible to contain this spread or limit the infection or mortality, we will continue to work day and night and that is why I solicit your support and cooperation in this particular endeavour.”

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