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Coronavirus: How To Wear And Not Wear Gloves And Face Mask

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As federal and State government has issued strict stay-at-home mandates to curb the spread of Coronavirus {COVID-19}, there are many workers who don’t have the luxury of staying home. There’s that neighbour who’s a journalist, and his wife a nurse. And a friend who is a resident medical Doctor or a little cousin who is a gas station attendant. As the virus spreads and more people become infected, you may be wondering how to stay safe. Face Masks And Gloves for Coronavirus

Basic hygiene measures are the most important way to stop the spread of infections, including the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19). First foremost is to wash your hands regularly, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face masks can reduce the spread of infection when used correctly and in the appropriate context. This may be recommended in workplaces where people are more likely to come in contact with the disease. The 2 most commonly used at and easily accessible are face masks and gloves, but the question does everyone knows how to wear, and take them off properly and still not infecting themselves with the residue of germs or virus on the outside surface or both PPE equipment. Below would explain how best to wear both PPE material and take them off;

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Should I wear Gloves and how can I do it?

Gloves can serve as a layer of protection but can still transmit the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, The gloves may be protecting you but also transmitting the virus. If you’re touching surfaces, what else are you touching with those gloves?”. “Are you taking something from one person and giving it to another person?”

Before and after wearing the gloves, experts say to wash your hands. Think about how often you’re changing those gloves, and make sure that the pair, or pairs, you’re cycling through fit snugly.

How to take of off your gloves; 1. You’re to pinch the gloves off from one hand from the middle and make sure to not try to take it off from the curves or the end of the sleeves where the other hand can make direct contact with your palm and your skin. 2. Then you use the other hand where you just took the gloves off, poke it underneath around your wrist and push from underneath pulling it off inside out. Lastly wash your hands immediately after taking it off.

Should you wear a mask and how should I wear it

Answers to this question are mixed. With widespread shortages prompting some medical professionals to resort to bandannas for protection, experts caution not to wear the mask unless you’re showing symptoms of the virus or are already sick, experts said.

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If you’re wearing the CDC-recommended mask — the N95 respirator — it needs to fit right. Experts said they’d seen widespread misuse of masks: People will touch the mask, fidget with it, drop it, then put it back on. Sometimes they’re upside down or and worn for too long.

The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control has not recommended that people wear masks for everyday activities, and with a shortage of supplies, experts urged caution. Ask yourself whom you might be taking it away from. The evidence suggests there’s no benefit to wearing a mask if you’re not infected. however, have recommended that medical workers treating suspected coronavirus patients wear the N95 mask.

If an infected person uses “the mask diligently, it should reduce transmission,” Chen said. That means putting on the mask with your hands only after they’ve been washed. Experts acknowledge that it’s tough to know how to keep yourself safe. And for the people who have an elderly parent at home or who must work in jobs that require interaction with others, there isn’t an easy answer. Here are the best practices, and please try to stick to those as best you can because that’s your best chance of preventing the spread of the deadly novel Coronavirus and trying to keep you and your family safe.Photo Credit: Getty

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