Coronavirus DID Come From Bats And Is A Version Of SARS – Scientists Reveals

The killer coronavirus DID come from bats and is a version of SARS, the first scientific evidence has revealed.

Experts analysed samples from coronavirus patients – including those who worked at the seafood market where the outbreak began in December. It revealed similarities with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronaviruses, which evolved from bats in China.
The SARS pandemic in 2002-2003 infected 8,100 people and 774 people died. While the number of people affected by the new coronavirus, has risen around ten times quicker – with more than 17,000 people infected worldwide.

Two new scientific studies, published today in the journal Nature, have together provided the first formal evidence on the deadly new illness. Their findings confirm that the Wuhan coronavirus is a type of SARS – but one that can spread more easily.
It comes afters scientists in China previously claimed that the killer illness may have spread to humans from bat soup. Footage and images later circulated purporting to show people eating the Chinese delicacy.

Samples from early stages

Researchers analysed samples from seven patients with severe pneumonia, six of whom were identified as workers from the Wuhan market. They found that full-length genome sequences – which determined the DNA of the virus – from five of the patients, were over 99.9 per cent identical to each other.

They also shared 79.5 per cent sequence identity with SARS coronaviruses. According to the study, the virus sequence is 96 per cent identical at the whole-genome level to a bat coronavirus, suggesting bats are a probable source of this outbreak. Scientists also found the new virus, named 2019-nCoV, enters cells through the same route as SARS coronaviruses.Photo Credit: Getty

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