Weddings: 5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Planning Your Wedding

wedding planning mistakes 7The need for accuracy in wedding planning cannot be over emphasised. If this is missing, then mistakes would be inevitable. There are 5 common mistakes you should never think of making.

Wedding planning for couples are once in a lifetime special events. Sometimes, intending couples get carried away by the whole planning process that they actually forget to plan properly. This 5 common mistakes can be avoided, especially when they have been planning mistakes 6
1. Underestimating: Your budget is what makes fuel the wedding planning process. If you underestimate your budget, then you can expect a lot of flaws because things may not be as they seem planning mistakes 5
2. Buying your gown first: In order of priority, the wedding gown is not the first on the ranks. Getting a venue and other arrangements for the guest should be considered as top on the priority planning mistakes 4
3. Neglecting the season: Your venue is one of the most important items to consider when planning a wedding. Making adequate plans according to the season is paramount. If you are going to get married during the rainy season, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t make proper preparations against a downpour on your special planning mistakes 3
4. Under estimating number of guest: It is much better to have lesser number of invited guests than to have a surge in the number planned. You wouldn’t want all your plans to come out as waste at the end of the planning mistakes 2
5. Being too laid back: You are the only one that has the perfect picture of how you want your wedding to be. You need to be updated on the progress report of the arrangement process, even if you hire a planner. Don’t be too stressed and overly relaxed. Find a balance and strike planning mistakes 1
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