Colombian Footballer, Geisson Perea, Pulls Out His P*nis To Distract Opposition From Scoring A Free Kick But He Says It WASN’T Intentional

A Colombian top division soccer player stunned fans on Saturday by pulling out his penis as a means of distracting an opponent before a dangerous free-kick.   

In a moment of madness, Independiente Santa Fe defender Geisson Perea exposed his penis while standing in the wall, while a player from Jaguares de Cordoba lined up a free kick.

It is thought Perera was using the ballsy tactic as a means of distracting the player – and it appeared to work as the Jaguares man skewed his effort wide of the target — and thankfully Perea’s package too.

However, Perea has spoken out following the incident, claiming he was not intending to expose himself to the world.

‘I was fixing my Lycra, I had that space,’ he told Colombia’s Win Sports TV. ‘When I enter [the pitch], I enter it to play and not to be aware that a camera can see me. They are synonymous with emotions that move.

‘I am a human being and I only tried to accommodate my Lycra, my intention was not to show my private parts.’

According to reports, various supporters were enraged by Perea’s brazen display. Incredibly, his privates were shown on the TV broadcast, further drawing the ire of many in Colombia.

Some have been calling for him to be punished, while others urged the club to swiftly remove him from Santa Fe altogether. 

Strangely, Perea was not penalized during the game by the referee as he did not see the incident. At this moment, he has not yet received any disciplinary action for the creative stunt.

Try as he might, the 31-year-old Colombian defender could not help his team avoid a 2-1 loss to Jaguares. 

Perea has started 15 times for Santa Fe thus far in the Colombian Primera A. He is currently on loan from fellow first division side Atletico Nacional. 

After the strong reaction, Perea will likely keep it in his pants during the club’s next game on Saturday vs. Deportivo Cali. 

Santa Fe currently sit 8th in the league standings on 28 points, three behind the leaders, Deportivo Pasto.

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